PF once again indicts Vale, Tüv Süd and employees for the tragedy of Brumadinho


The Federal Police indicted Vale, the consulting firm Tüv Süd and 19 people for the collapse of the mining company’s dam in Brumadinho, in Greater Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, on January 25, 2019, a tragedy that killed 270 people.

The second phase of investigations into the disruption of the structure was concluded this Thursday (25), according to a note released by the PF. At this stage, the investigations were on suspicions of homicide and environmental crimes.

The 19 people, who are managers, directors and consultants of the two companies, were indicted for murder with an eventual double-qualified misconduct for the use of a means that made it impossible for the victims to escape with their lives.

On the other hand, Vale and Tüv Süd, which audited the dam, were indicted for environmental crimes, which the PF also accused of the 19 managers, directors and consultants of the two companies.

The first stage of the investigation, which involved ascertaining the documentation of the dam stability statements submitted to the ANM (National Mining Agency) and to Feam (State Environmental Foundation) was completed on September 20, 2019.

At the time, Vale, Tüv Süd and 13 employees of the two companies were indicted for the crime of fraudulent misrepresentation and the use of false documents.

In a statement, Vale states that it has continuously collaborated with the Federal Police’s investigations. “The company waits to be formally informed of the conclusion of the investigation for the proper manifestation through its lawyer, David Rechulski”, says the text.

The mining company states that it understands “that the authorities who preside over investigations are free to form their own convictions, however, it reaffirms that it has always guided its activities by safety assumptions and that no scenario was ever evident that indicated an imminent risk of rupture of the B1 structure. [a barragem de Brumadinho]”.

“The Federal Police report itself, among others, evidences and proves this conclusion”, also says the mining company.

The inquiry will now proceed to analysis by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) in Minas Gerais.

Also sought after by the report, Tüv Süd said it would not comment on the indictment as it did not have the opportunity to evaluate the report.


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