Panel SA: In addition to the VIP terminal, Guarulhos airport plans new warehouses, hotel and hangar


After the project for the construction of the VIP terminal in Cumbica, the government authorized the concessionaire of the Guarulhos airport to sign three new contracts: a hotel adjacent to the garage building, a hangar for the maintenance of United Airlines aircraft and large logistics warehouses. .

The release for new developments follows the same principle as the VIP terminal, which allows the concessionaire to sign the commercial contract for the assignment of space at the airport for a period longer than the period of validity of the concession.

For the national secretary of Civil Aviation, Ronei Glanzmann, responsible for the release, the measure helps the old concessions to attract large investments that would not have enough time to be amortized before the end of the concession.

In the case of Guarulhos, whose 20-year concession is already in the second half, it would be more difficult to attract large enterprises with economic viability in the remaining period.

“It is a pro-business public policy, in which we make large investments possible in this most difficult phase of the concession, which is the final stretch of contracts. amortized from now on. That’s why the Brazilian airport concession model is seen as a reference”, says Glanzmann.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Gilmara Santos

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