Strike at Guarulhos airport is suspended; airlines analyze company proposals


The air workers in Guarulhos, in São Paulo, suspended the strike that would start this Tuesday morning (30). The category is formed by workers who work on the ground and at company counters at airports.

In the beginning of the afternoon of this Monday (29), representatives of the category received from the airlines the same salary adjustment proposal sent to the pilots, copilots and flight attendants.

The president of Sindigru (the Guarulhos air workers union), Rodrigo Maciel, says that the decision to suspend the strike was a sign of respect for the institutions. The entity was sought out on Monday by the Public Ministry of Labor and by the TST (Superior Labor Court), which brokered the agreement that prevented the strike by the aeronauts.

“We decided to put the proposal to a vote during the day and, therefore, the strike is suspended for the time being”, says Maciel.

The proposal taken to the airline workers provides that companies pay 75% of the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) accumulated in the last 12 months on floors and salaries. Food benefits will be readjusted by the full INPC accumulated in the last year.

In early November, the airlines had proposed a 5% readjustment on November 1st, and a 2% increase on June 1st, 2022.

The National Airline Workers Union will also take the proposal of the airlines for analysis by the category on Tuesday (30). The mobilization of the national organization had not yet defined a strike indicator, but, according to the president of the union, Luiz da Rocha Cardoso, Luiz Pará, the continuity of the salary campaign will depend on the workers’ decision on Tuesday.


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