Panel SA: Time for airport auction is challenging, says national aviation secretary


While waiting for Thursday (18), when the seventh round of airport concessions will take place, the national secretary of civil aviation, Ronei Glanzmann, has said that the moment is “challenging” by the international macroeconomic and geopolitical context, but his expectations follow positive.

The auction, which covers 15 airports, includes Congonhas, considered the jewel in the crown.

“We are coming out of one of the biggest crises in civil aviation because of the pandemic. We have entered a crisis regarding the War in Ukraine, oil prices, fuel, complicated international geopolitical situation. The global macroeconomy, also in a delicate moment with risk of recession global market, high inflation, high interest rates all over the world. The moment is challenging for an auction of this size and nature”, he says.

Glanzmann points out that the government is confident in the quality of the assets and in the maturity that the process has reached in Brazil after so many experiences in airport concessions.

“Another strength of this process is the maturity of our airport concession model. We are already in the seventh concession round and there has been a big learning curve. Today, we have a model recognized worldwide as a model that works, that aligns incentives, capable of attract big operators, big global players. The expectations are really very positive for this auction”, he says.

According to Glanzmann, the event also has the advantage of taking place before the elections so as not to be contaminated by political issues.

“We will find out on Thursday who will appear and how these proposals will be, but the government is committed to making this delivery more. In four years of government, we are targeting 50 airports granted”, says the secretary.

The idea is to reach 49 with this week’s 15 and still have one more auction this year, that of the re-bidding of São Gonçalo do Amarante airport.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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