Europe is Complicated for natural gas: Pressure is mounting for Nord Stream 2 – How Berlin is reacting

Europe is Complicated for natural gas: Pressure is mounting for Nord Stream 2 – How Berlin is reacting

The German economy is being tested by the lack of natural gas and with it Europe’s united front against Moscow – Bulgaria ready to renegotiate with Gazprom

In… Entwined Stones Europe seems to be on the move now, as the energy crisis, in view of the increased needs of the coming winter, leads more and more governments to an impasse. Already countries such as Bulgariaare seriously considering bowing to the terms set by the Kremlin and renegotiating with Gazprom for resupplying the market with natural gas, as they find that the solutions available to them cannot meet the needs of both industry and households.

The big “poker game”, however, is played in Germany. Europe’s strongest economy depends to a large extent on Russian natural gas and everything shows that in a few months, in the winter, that is, it will not be able to meet the needs, if no solution is found with Moscow. As DW reports, already in Germany the pressure is seriously increasing in order to put the pipeline into operation Nord Stream 2as Nord Stream 1 is out of operation, or under-functioning, with the consequence that the needs are not met.

The vice president of the German Liberals Wolfgang Kubicki came out over the weekend in favor of opening the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to ensure Germany’s energy sufficiency. The disputed pipeline, although completed, has not been put into operation due to the Russian war in Ukraine, reports the DWreflecting the climate that is taking shape and the pressures that are now being exerted from many sides.

Hambek: Retreat to Moscow an opening of Nord Stream 2

The reaction of the German Ministry of Economy and Energy was immediate Robert Hambeck, who said yesterday in a discussion with citizens in his ministry, that such a move would essentially mean “retreating Vladimir Putin”. In fact, he pointed out that Russia is currently restricting the flow of natural gas through Nord Stream 1, even though the pipeline is “fully operational”. If Nord Stream 2 is now put into operation, Hambek estimates, Russia could win the “energy game”, by opening Nord Stream 2, but then doing everything it is already doing with Nord Stream 1.

“The possibility of opening Nord Stream 2 is not even raised, the German government has already given a clear answer on this,” said the Prime Minister of the state of Mecklenburg-Pomerania Manuela Schlesig from the Social Democrats. It should be noted that the pipeline in question passes through the Baltic coast in this particular state. And Saxony’s Christian Democratic Prime Minister Michael Kretzmer opposes Nord Stream 2 going live, calling a possible, inconsistent offer from Moscow “poisonous.”

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