Ministry of Agriculture orders to collect lots of dog treats from three companies

Ministry of Agriculture orders to collect lots of dog treats from three companies

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply ordered the collection of lots of dog treats from the companies FVO Alimentos Ltda., Peppy Pet Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos para Animals and Upper Dog Comercial Ltda.

According to the ministry, lots of adulterated propylene glycol used in the manufacture of snacks were detected. The suspicion is that the compound has been contaminated by monoethylene glycol, a toxic substance, causing the deaths of dogs in at least nine states and the Federal District, according to complaints from the tutors.

In a statement, FVO Alimentos says that it has taken Dudogs, Pâté Bomguy and Bomguytos Bifinho from the market before the ministry’s decision, published on Friday (16). Sought after, Peppy Pet and Upperdog did not respond until the publication of the report.

The contamination of the compound began to be investigated after the deaths, in early September, of nine dogs in Minas Gerais and São Paulo, which consumed snacks from the Bassar Pet Food brand.

The batches that must be collected, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, are Bifinho Bomguytos chicken and barbecue snacks, Bifinho Qualitá barbecue flavor and Dudogs, from FVO Alimentos Ltda; Grilled Chicken Steak and Peppy Dog, Peppy Dog Steak with Sweet Potato Flavor, Peppy Dog Steak with Peas, Peppy Dog Roasted Beef Steak, Peppy Dog Steak Puppies – Milk and Oatmeal and Peppy Dog Meat with Carrot Steak, from Peppy Pet Indústria and Commerce of Animal Food; and Dogfy injected sizes PP, S and M. Check the full list of lots below.

In the text of the determination, the ministry says that propylene glycol is a product allowed for animal feed and that the investigations are related to a possible contamination of the compound by monoethylene glycol.

“To date, there is no directive from the Ministry to suspend the use of products that contain propylene glycol in their formulation, in addition to those already mentioned”, says the folder.

The product is from the same family as diethylene glycol, a substance identified as the cause of death of ten consumers of Backer beer in Minas Gerais in 2019 and 2020. Both cause severe damage to the kidneys.

See the batches of snacks that must be collected

FVO Alimentos Ltda

  • Bifinho Bomguytos chicken flavor 65 g (lot 103-01)
  • Bifinho Bomguytos barbecue flavor 65 g (lots 221-01, 228-01, 234-01 and 248-01)
  • Barbecue-flavored Qualitá steak (batch 237-01)
  • Dudogs (lots 237-01 and 242-01)

Peppy Pet Pet Food Industry and Commerce

  • Steak 60 g Peppy Dog grilled chicken (lots 5026 and 5738)
  • Stick 50 g Peppy Dog meat with sweet potato (lots 5280, 5283, 5758 and 5759)
  • Stick 50 g Peppy Dog chicken with peas (lots 5282 and 5746)
  • Steak 500 g Peppy Dog Roast Beef (lots 5274 and 5734)
  • Steak 60 g Peppy Dog puppies – milk and oatmeal (lot 5736)
  • 50 g Peppy Dog Beef with Carrot (lot 5760)

Upper Dog Comercial Ltd.

  • DogFy Injected PP Size (lots 0003/202204, 0004/202206, 0006/202206, 0008/202206, 0009/202201, 0010/202206, 0012/202201, 0012/202206, 0013/202203, 0014/202206, 0015/202205, 0016/202205, 0017/202205, 0018/202206, 0023/202201, 0023/202207, 0024/202206, 0024/202207, 0027/202205, 0025/202207, 00206/202)
  • Dogfy Injected size P (lots 0001/202201 A 0008/202201, 0013/202201 A 0017/202201, 0024/202201, 0007/202202, 0010/202202 to 0018/202202, 0001/202203 to 0009/202203, 0001/202204 A 001/202205 to 0028/202205, 0001/202206 to 0009/202206, 0011/202206, 0013/202206, 0015/202206, 0017/202206, 0019/202206 to 0025/202206, 0030/202206 to 0033/ 202206, 0009/202207 to 0011/202207, 0016/202207, 0019/202207, 0020/202207, 0026/202207 to 0030/202207, 0012/202208 to 0021/202208)
  • Dogfy Injected Size M (lots 0010/202201, 0011/202201, 0018/202201 A 0022/202201, 0001/202202 to 0009/202202, 0019/202202 to 0023/202202, 0010/202203 to 0012/202203, 0014/202203, 0004/202204, 0005/202204, 0012/202205 to 0014/202205, 0002/202206, 0027/202206 to 0029/202206, 0021/202207 and 0022/202207)

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