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INSS retirees will receive R$ 1.73 billion in arrears from Justice


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INSS (National Social Security Institute) policyholders who won in court the right to grant or review their social security or assistance benefit will receive R$ 1.73 billion in arrears of up to 60 minimum wages (R$ 72,720) from the Federal Court. .

Whoever has a RPV (Small Value Requisition) will receive the money in this lot – as shares of up to 60 minimum wages are called – with the payment authorized by the Court in August 2022.

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The CJF (Council of Federal Justice) released R$ 2.09 billion to settle claims of 197,839 beneficiaries across the country. Of this total, R$ 1.73 billion will be used to pay social security and assistance processes, for benefits such as pensions, sickness benefits, pensions and others, which total 88,908 processes, with 113,780 beneficiaries.

The exact date on which the money will be deposited in a bank account depends on the timeline of the court responsible for the action. In the case of the TRF-3 (Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region), the sector responsible for the payment usually takes about a week to complete the processing of the amounts.

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The consultation must be made with the lawyer responsible for the action or on the website of the federal court, which will show the date on which the payment order was issued by the Court.

See how much arrears will be paid in each court

TRF of the 1st Region (DF, MG, GO, TO, MT, BA, PI, MA, PA, AM, AC, RR, RO and AP)

  • General: BRL 849,567,834.61
  • Social Security/Welfare: BRL 719,286,930.90 (36,330 cases, with 41,869 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 2nd Region (RJ and ES)

  • General: BRL 151,322,509.98
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 118,428,918.59 (5,980 cases, with 7,824 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 3rd Region (SP and MS)

  • General: BRL 341,405,598.02
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 266,321,867.16 (9,639 cases, with 11,871 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 4th Region (RS, PR and SC)

  • General: BRL 457,769,315.72
  • Social Security/Welfare: BRL 389,420,955.46 (21,763 cases, with 27,838 beneficiaries)

TRF of the 5th Region (PE, CE, AL, SE, RN and PB)

  • General: BRL 292,393,086.66
  • Social Security/Assistance: BRL 244,021,609.25 (15,196 cases, with 24,378 beneficiaries)

Who is entitled?

Insured persons who processed the INSS and won the lawsuit are entitled to arrears, and whose date of the judge’s payment order — stage called autuation — is someday in the month of August 2022. The process must be of up to 60 salaries minimums.

The action must have fully come to an end, without the possibility of appeal by the INSS. In other words, it must have already passed judgment.

The RPVs to be paid refer to the granting or review of:

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