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Deadline to update CadÚnico ends this Friday; see how to do it online


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About 263,000 Auxílio Brasil families started October with outdated data from the CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) and have until this Friday (14th) to correct the information. “If they do not meet the deadline, in November they will have their benefits blocked for withdrawal”, says the Ministry of Citizenship.

More than 1.4 million families enrolled in the Single Registry were summoned for the cadastral review, with 757 thousand beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil, according to the government.

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Data review is done every year by the federal government. Families with outdated information are summoned by the benefit payment statement or the electricity bill to correct the situation. According to the program rules, the data must be updated every two years.

The update is also mandatory whenever the beneficiary changes address or telephone number, has any change in their monthly income or marital status, there is a birth, adoption or death of a family member.

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If the family does not update the data for more than four years, its record may be excluded from CadÚnico.


The beneficiary can access the Cadastro Único application to check their registration status. Android download is available from Google Play. For iOS devices, go to the Apple Store.

If all the data is correct, just confirm the update by the application itself. If you have to change any data, you will need to go to a social program service center in the municipality. Check addresses here.

The Responsible for the Family Unit (RF) must take his CPF or voter registration card and also, at least, one document for each person in the family, among the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Wedding certificate
  • CPF
  • ID
  • work card
  • voter registration
  • Administrative Registration of Indigenous Birth (Rani), if the person is indigenous

Until December of this year, all families regularly registered in the Cadastro Único that meet the eligibility criteria for Auxílio Brasil receive at least R$600 per month. This month, more than 21.1 million families will be served.

Payment of Aid Brazil

The October payment of Auxílio Brasil was brought forward by one week. The calendar starts this Tuesday (11) for benefits ending NIS 1 and ends on the 25th.

The values ​​can be moved through the Caixa Tem app. With the Auxílio Brasil card, it is possible to make purchases via debit and withdrawals at self-service terminals, lottery, Caixa Aqui correspondents, in addition to Caixa branches.

Check the full calendar

end of NIS Pay day
1 october 11
two October 13
3 October 14
4 october 17
5 october 18
6 october 19
7 october 20
8 October 21st
9 october 24
0 October 25

Last Friday (7), the Ministry of Citizenship authorized Caixa and 11 other institutions to make payroll-deductible loans to beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil and BPC (Benefit of Continued Provision).

Caixa will start offering the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan from this Tuesday at branches and lottery outlets.

Interested parties may contract the credit with 24 monthly installments of up to R$160. The interest rate will be 3.45% per month — slightly below the ceiling of 3.5% per month set by the Ministry of Citizenship, but still above the interest limit valid for INSS (National Insurance Institute) retirees and pensioners. Social).

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