Telemarketers who abuse calls of up to three seconds will be blocked


As of November 3, telephony operators will have to block companies that make short calls, with less than three seconds, in excess for the consumer for 15 days.

The determination of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), approved this Tuesday (18), aims to reduce the number of telemarketing calls that cause discomfort to consumers and generate complaints.

Companies may be blocked if they generate at least 100,000 short calls in a day per access code or when the total short calls represent 85% or more of the total calls.

Failure to comply with the measures can generate a fine of up to R$ 50 million for telecommunications service providers.

The relationship between the consumer and telemarketing is marked by complaints. The new precautionary measure, which should be in effect until April next year, is one of the initiatives that try to avoid the practice of abusive telemarketing.

Last year, the agency had already determined the mandatory use of the prefix 0303 by the companies.

The purpose of 0303 was to allow the consumer to identify the origin of the call and, in this way, to be able to decide whether or not to answer the call. “As of June 8, 2022, all telemarketing companies offering products and services must use code 0303,” says the agency.

In September, the Panel SA column revealed that 60,000 telemarketing jobs were closed after the prefix 0303, as up to 50% of calls were not answered after the adoption of the four numbers that facilitated identification.

Anatel also reported, in August, that the number of automatic calls dropped to less than half after the rule that ended free calls with less than three seconds.

Three years ago, co-regulation measures were also adopted in relation to the telecommunications sector for the development of a Code of Conduct for Offers of Telecommunications Services through Telemarketing.

With this publication, calls were limited to appropriate times.

The NãoMePerturbe platform was also implemented, together with operators in the sector, so that consumers who do not wish to receive calls from the offer of products or services can restrict calls made by companies that have joined the platform.

“Since its launch, the NãoMePerturbe platform has already received the registration of 4.6 million users”, says Anatel.

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