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Messi creates company to invest in startups, news quiz of the week and what matters in the market


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Messi in Silicon Valley

Argentine star Lionel Messi, one of the highest paid athletes in the world, will now also make his mark on Silicon Valley.

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That’s where Play Time will be, a company that will focus the player’s investments in sports, media and technology startups, according to the specialized website Tech Crunch.

Decisions on where to invest the money invested by the player, the amount of which was not revealed, will be made by Razmig Hovaghimian, who met Messi in 2017, has experience in asset management and has already founded startups.

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The bets: Play Time announced that it made a “seed” investment (seed, understand the step here) in the startup AC Momento, which carries out auctions with shirts used by players in matches.

  • Another company that the fund participated in the development of is, a studio for soccer games that should be launched before the Qatar Cup.

In the shadow: With his entry into the business world, Messi begins to tread a path taken by two other giants of the sport, the basketball star Lebron James and the former player Ronaldo, the Phenomenon.

  • Ronaldo, in addition to owning the clubs Valladolid, from Spain, and Cruzeiro, created in 2021 a holding company, Oddz, to manage his other companies – we explain what they are here.
  • Lebron, who has a net worth of US$ 1 billion (R$ 5.2 billion), according to Forbes, is not just a poster boy for brands, but participates and profits from the production of content and its distribution.

negative Brazilians

The number of negative Brazilians hit a record in September, according to a survey by the CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) and SPC Brasil (Credit Protection Service) this Thursday.

In numbers: every 10 adult brazilians, 4 (39.71%) were negative last month. The proportion corresponds to 64.25 million number of people, a record in the historical series started in 2014.

  • The average debt accumulated by those who are negative was BRL 3,688.96 in September, according to the survey.
  • The banking sector concentrates the majority (61.18%) of outstanding consumer debts in the country, followed by trade (12.86%) and water and electricity (10.51%).

What explains: the survey is yet another one to verify the rise in default rates among Brazilians in a scenario of high interest rates and low incomes.

  • The rates of these two modalities are among the highest in the market and tend to be above 100% per year.

Take a break: Ray Dalio out

Earlier this month, mega-investor Ray Dalio announced that, after 47 years, he had left the helm of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, which has $150 billion in management.

After a transition process that lasted years, the American said that remains in the company as a “mentor” and on the board of directors.

Dalio is also known for being the author of the best seller “Principles” (trans. Vitor Paolozzi, Intrinseca, R$ 89.90, 592 pages, R$ 62.90 ebook) and launched this year a new book, “Principles for the World Order in transformation” (transl. Alexandre Raposo and Cláudia Mello Belhassof, R$ 139.90, 560 pages, R$ 96.90 ebook).

“Principles”: divided into three parts, the first tells the author’s trajectory in the world of investments and highlights the occasions when he was wrong and the importance of these episodes.

  • The other two bring together the principles that Dalio adopts in his life and replicates at work, where the “meritocracy of ideas” is more important than the hierarchy of positions.

“Principles for the Changing World Order”: Dalio talks in the book about patterns that point to the end of the cycle of the dollar as a sovereign currency, but in it appears much of the investment strategy that prevailed at Bridgewater – being prepared for everything, including what he considers “end-of-the-world scenarios” .

In addition to the economy:

  • Online elections: It is not in the interests of platforms to censor content, says Ronaldo Lemos.
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