Panel SA: Roberto Jefferson’s attack on the PF divides forecasts by Bolsonarista businessmen


The attack by Roberto Jefferson (PTB) on Federal Police agents with a rifle and grenades this Sunday (23) was treated with caution by businessmen who support President Bolsonaro.

Among the most reserved, who avoid speaking in public, there was a fear of the negative reaction of the markets this Monday (24).

While calculating the impact on votes, the answer was to try to remove the image of an alliance between Jefferson and Bolsonaro, following the line adopted by the president.

A Bolsonarista businessman interviewed by Panel SA said he hoped that the episode of rifle and grenade shots would have zero effect on the campaign. A week earlier, there was the same estimate on the impacts of Bolsonaro’s “painted a climate” speech on Venezuelan teenagers.

The subject of Jefferson has been avoided, even among those who usually support the government on social media.

The first reactions still begin to appear this Monday (24). Salim Mattar, founder of Localiza, just redistributed the 17-second video on social media, in which Bolsonaro says he treats Jefferson as a “bandit”. The businessman wrote that it was a “firm position of the president”. Contacted by the SA Panel for comment, Mattar did not respond.

Another government supporter in business, Gabriel Kanner, a member of the family that owns the Riachuelo clothing chain, did not comment on Jefferson. Days earlier, Kanner used his Twitter account to praise the polarization, saying that it is a “maturing” of Brazilian democracy.

Junior Durski (Madero), Luciano Hang (Havan) and Carlos Wizard, did not comment on the situation.

Winston Ling retweeted several messages about the Roberto Jefferson case. In one of them, he said that it is a “great opportunity for the signatories of the letter in defense of USP’s democracy to express themselves”.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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