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Discover tech tools to do better on Black Friday


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Selling well and enjoying Black Friday depends on more factors than just having the lowest price. Knowing and correctly using a series of technological tools can make a difference at the event, which will be held on November 25th.

These services increase the chances of the customer seeing the offer, navigating the site without difficulties, closing the purchase quickly and being well attended in case of any problem.

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Felipe Gomes, a partner at Corebiz, a company specialized in the implementation of virtual stores, recommends that the work begins with an analysis of the company’s website audience and customer behavior to guide the strategy. Another suggestion is to analyze how they are navigating the site to adjust for any failures.

It is recommended to use tools that show where the customer comes from, what he is looking for and what difficulties he has in his navigation.

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For Eder Max, a consultant at Sebrae-SP, a great challenge on Black Friday is to attract consumers to the store.

The expert suggests that companies start campaigning to get the attention of consumers in advance, mainly using ads on Google and social networks, offering progressive discounts, which get bigger as the event approaches.

Once they have already been seen, companies can use remarketing, showing their advertisements to people who have already visited the store or searched for items similar to what it offers.

“People rarely shop at a store the first time they walk in.” They need to be known and trusted before Black Friday, she says.

The company Skymachine, from São Paulo, invested in technology to deal with the high demand on the day of the event.

Owner of the company, which supplies machines and equipment for cell phone technical assistance, Michelle Menhem says she has developed software at the company that controls stock and ends the promotion when it is low. The goal is not to frustrate customers with the delay in delivery due to lack of product.

The company also adopted the Octadesk platform to manage messages received via WhatsApp.
One of the functions of the service is to automatically separate customers who seek the company according to the type of delivery they have contracted. It can be by motoboy, via Correios or by bus, taking advantage of the vehicles that come to the region of Brás, in the central region of the capital of São Paulo.

“We cannot leave the customer waiting for service, or we run the risk of him giving up the purchase”, says Menhem.

For the Leonora group, which operates in fronts such as distribution and online retail of stationery items, Black Friday is an opportunity to increase sales and also to expand the list of customers who will be shopping over the next year.

Tulio da Rocha, president of the group, claims to use the service provided by RD and Dito to keep a record of companies and end consumers that related to their brands during the event.

These services make it possible to categorize executives from other companies and consumers according to their decision-making power in their companies or the purchases they have already made. Thus, these systems help when deciding who to make new offers to.

“Many people get to know our brands on Black Friday and we have the opportunity to have new purchases with these customers throughout the year”, says Rocha.

11 tools for Black Friday

1. Preparation

  • Felipe Gomes, partner at Corebiz, indicates services such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to help when setting up the company’s strategy
  • They allow you to identify products that are most sought after on the site and through which channels consumers arrive

2. Test

  • It is possible to experiment with changes with only a part of the consumers and evaluate the results — whether they generate more sales or clicks on an item, for example. Use services like Google Optimize

3. Traces

  • Felipe Gomes also indicates tools that allow you to see maps showing the sites on the website that appeared the most on customers’ screens and even follow the visit of each one of them step by step.
  • Among the most used are Hotjar, Crazy Egg and Microsoft Clarity. With this, it is possible to understand when consumers give up the purchase and make adjustments

4. Announcement

  • Advertisements on Google and social networks are considered basic items to make the customer see your promotions

5. Direct communication

  • Email allows contact with the customer at little expense and, depending on the platform adopted, offers segmentation for different types of consumers, says Jonatas Abbott, president of Dinamize Academy, digital marketing
  • In moderation and for select customers, WhatsApp can also be useful

6. Personalization

  • Some platforms for creating websites, especially those aimed at larger companies, allow you to show different types of products according to the consumer’s profile and the items that he has already purchased or usually looks at on the internet.

7. Prices

  • Services such as Precifica allow medium and large companies to automate price adjustments taking into account factors such as competition, inventory volume and the speed with which sales are being made.

8. Registration

  • Black Friday is an opportunity to start a relationship with customers who will be able to buy again throughout the year.
  • Evaluate having a CRM platform to record and segment their information. Attention to the data protection rules of Brazilian law

9. Security

  • Consultant Gastão Mattos, from Gmattos, recommends that companies protect themselves against payment fraud using services such as ClearSale and Konduto, which adopt artificial intelligence to identify potential frauds.

10. Inventory

  • Sebrae-SP consultant Eder Max recommends the use of tools that control the stock and prevent the sale when it runs out or send an alert to the entrepreneur to reassess prices if the products are being sold too quickly

11. Robot

  • Evandro Polli from Tray suggests using chatbots to help with customer service on Black Friday if the number of contacts is predicted to be much higher than usual
  • The robot can also send messages to customers who have stopped buying in the middle and try to redeem the sale.
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