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Ukraine questions Twitter takeover after disagreements with Musk


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A top Ukrainian official expressed skepticism on Saturday about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. The billionaire’s relations with Kiev have been precarious since Musk suggested in early October that Ukraine should give up peacefully occupied land.

“Did the bird really get its freedom or did it just move to a new cage?” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podoliak said in a tweet on Saturday.

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After completing the acquisition of the social network, Musk expressed a desire to change Twitter’s content moderation and tweeted that “the bird has been released”, in reference to the platform’s symbol.

Podoliak pointed to Musk’s “unusual restraint” on the site.

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Musk drew fury from Kiev and praise from Moscow this month when he posted a poll on Twitter in which he proposed that Ukraine permanently cede Crimea to Russia, that new referendums be held under UN care to determine the fate of Russian-controlled territory. and that Ukraine would agree to the position of neutrality.

Russia, on the other hand, expressed a reaction against Kiev’s over the billionaire’s new acquisition. Russian Security Council Vice President Dmitri Medvedev congratulated Musk on Twitter on Friday.

“Good luck Elon Musk in overcoming political bias and ideological dictatorship on Twitter. And stop this Starlink business [projeto de satélites de Musk] in Ukraine,” Medvedev wrote, referring to the thousands of satellite-connected internet devices that Musk’s SpaceX company operates in Ukraine.

Starlink is a key communication tool for Ukraine’s armed forces, as regular internet and mobile connection is absent or unsecured in many frontline areas of confrontation.

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