Itaúsa raises R$1.2 billion with the sale of XP shares

Itaúsa raises R.2 billion with the sale of XP shares

Itaúsa announced this Tuesday (14) that it has sold around 1.4% of its stake in XP, raising R$ 1.2 billion, according to a statement to the market.

The sale of 7.8 million shares of XP will have a positive impact on the conglomerate’s result in the fourth quarter of around R$900 million.

The company also said that it will pay additional interest on equity of R$0.13 per share until April 29 and that it will make stock bonuses to investors at the rate of five new shares for every 100 shares held on December 20 .

The attributed cost of the bonus shares will be R$18.89 per share, according to the company.


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