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INSS contest test locations may change


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The venues for this Sunday’s test (27) for the INSS public tender may be different from those chosen by the candidates at the time of registration.

The information was published this Tuesday (22), in the Official Gazette of the Union. On Monday (21), the INSS had informed that the disclosure of test addresses would be delayed until this Tuesday and published in the DOU, which did not occur.

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Until 10 am this Tuesday, the locations were not yet available on the Cebraspe website, which organizes the contest. According to the center, disclosure will take place by the end of the day.

An eventual change is foreseen in the invitation to tender, in case there are not enough or suitable places.

See what the INSS exam will look like

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The organization was as follows:

  1. candidates who chose to take the tests in Vitória/ES and are residents of the state of Espírito Santo will take the tests in Vitória/ES or in Vila Velha/ES, depending on the proximity of their residence;
  2. candidates who chose to take the tests in Belém/PA, Marabá/PA or Santarém/PA and are residents of the state of Pará will take the tests in Belém/PA, Marabá/PA, Santarém/PA or Ananindeua/PA, depending on the proximity of your residence;
  3. candidates who chose to take the tests in Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ, Duque de Caxias/RJ, Niterói/RJ, Petrópolis/RJ, Rio de Janeiro/RJ or Volta Redonda/RJ and are residents of the state of Rio de Janeiro will take the tests in Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ, Duque de Caxias/RJ, Niterói/RJ, Petrópolis/RJ, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Volta Redonda/RJ or Nova Iguaçu/RJ, depending on the proximity of your residence.

The objective tests will last for 3 hours and 30 minutes. According to the edict, the candidate must appear at least one hour in advance, with a black ballpoint pen made of transparent material, proof of registration and original identity document.

Candidates who, during the examinations, are caught carrying:

  • electronic devices, such as wearable tech, calculating machines, electronic organizers, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, ipods, recorders, pen-drive, MP3 or similar, clock of any kind, alarms, keys with alarm or any other electronic component, headphones or any transmitter, recorder or receiver of data, images, videos and messages, etc.
  • sunglasses, ear plugs, pencil, pencil/graphite, highlighter or eraser
  • any headgear accessories, such as hat, cap, beanie etc
  • any container or packaging that is not made of transparent material, such as water bottle, juice, soda and food packaging (cookies, cereal bars, chocolate, candies, etc.

Salaries of open positions in the INSS contest are almost R$ 6,000

There are 1,000 vacancies for the position of social security technician, and more than 1 million people have applied. Competition is 1,024 people per vacancy. High school education is required to compete, and the salary is R$ 5,905.79.

The demand to enroll in the INSS contest was so great that the organizer’s website went down and it was necessary to extend the enrollment period for another day. On Twitter, candidates reported difficulty in registering due to problems recovering the password, making a new registration or submitting the exemption request.

Cebraspe (formerly Cespe/UnB) is known to the public preparing for the INSS contest, as it was the bank in the last two editions. The 120 multiple-choice questions have alternatives that must be classified as right or wrong (there will be 50 questions about basic knowledge and 70 about specific knowledge), according to the notice of the contest.

As wrong answers nullify hits, the selection penalizes the kick and makes it difficult to hit by elimination, experts point out. Each correct answer will be worth one point and the wrong answer represents a minus point.

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