Cell phone calls to the INSS telephone exchange are now free


On December 22nd, the INSS signed a contract with Claro SA to offer free service to calls made from landlines and cell phones. Until now, only calls made from landlines were free.

The contract with Claro will last for 12 months and may be renewed for a maximum of 60 months. The provision of the free service will begin at the end of February.

The public notice for contracting the service was published on October 21 of this year and the entire bidding process was monitored by the logistics, information technology and INSS benefit areas.

The Center 135

With three units, which provide human assistance and automated assistance, Central 135 receives approximately 8 million phone calls per month. In all, around 5,600 employees, including contracted professionals and INSS employees, work in the sector.

According to the study carried out by the technical area, there are 50 million monthly minutes, with distribution of approximately 75% originating from fixed telephones and 25% from mobile telephones. At peak hours, telephone traffic is equivalent to 8,000 simultaneous telephone calls.

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