Panel SA: Collar used by the dog Ressistência to go up the ramp becomes a social media issue


The collar used by the dog Resistência, who went up the Planalto ramp led by Lula and Janja this Sunday (1st), became a social media subject.

The comments gave exposure to animal clothing and accessories brand Zee Dog. According to the company, the Resistance collar is a leash and harness set from a collection called Gotham. It costs about R$ 300 on the company’s website.

In the messages of Internet users on Twitter, some mocked saying that she is now part of “left canine caviar” and that prices should rise after exposure in possession.

Although the Resistência collar only drew attention for the first time this Sunday, giving visibility to the brand, Zee Dog claims that it has already seen the dog using its products in images of previous occasions.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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