Panel SA: Street block in São Paulo causes closure of restaurant during Carnival


Abrasel-SP, an association that brings together bars and restaurants, foresees the closure of part of the establishments during Carnival in the city of São Paulo to avoid the movement of revelers in the street blocks, which do not usually increase revenue, according to the entity.

According to the association’s forecasts, the billing of establishments located on the paths of the blocks may fall by 30% to 50%, if they only make the dinner movement.

The sector claims that, in the period, the consumption of food and drinks is stronger in street vendors, and the traffic block makes it difficult for regular customers to move around.

Joaquim Saraiva, chairman of the administrative board of Abrasel-SP, says that part of the revelers access the restaurants to use the restrooms.

“There’s a lot of turmoil, people start using the restrooms in the restaurants. This also causes a certain amount of inconvenience. Many restaurants end up choosing not to open, because in addition to not having revenue due to these reasons for interfering with traffic, the staff on the street doesn’t bring traffic to the restaurant”, says Saraiva.

He claims that AbraselSP considers Carnival important for tourism in hotels and restaurants outside the circuit of the blocks in the city, but it is not reflected in the prohibited areas.

“This year, as it is the first open Carnival since the pandemic, we have not talked to the city hall, but we intend, next time, to organize ourselves to talk. Carnival is important for São Paulo, but there is the gastronomy part. There are areas freer ones like Interlagos and other areas that could be chosen by the city hall”, he says.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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