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Pix presents instability this Friday night


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Pix payment issues generated a spike in user complaints this Friday night (3). On the Downdetector website, which compiles fault alerts in pages and applications, the notifications jumped to several banks around 8:20 pm.

On social media, customers report that transactions are not being completed or that the system is down.

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Wanted, the BC (Central Bank) said that the systems responsible for processing the Pix showed instability between 20:32 and 21:45.

“From 21:45 the systems returned to normal operation. Possible slowdowns may still occur due to the accumulation of transactions during the period of instability”, he said, in a note.

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There were so many complaints on Twitter that the term “The Pix” became one of the most commented subjects on Friday night, with almost 27,000 tweets.

“I went to Pix to pay for the pizza. Where’s the money you didn’t send and disappeared from my account?”, said one user.

The report made a test transfer through the Banco do Brasil app at 10 pm, which was successfully completed.

At Downdetector, complaints against BC also jumped. A peak of 234 notifications was recorded at 9:35 pm. Before 8:30 pm, none had been made.

In response to a customer, Santander’s official Twitter page said it had identified an intermittency in Pix processing, and claimed to be working to regularize it.

A similar message was shared by the Itaú account. “We have identified an outage in pix operations and our team is committed to correcting it as soon as possible. At the moment, we advise you to wait for normalization. We apologize for the inconvenience”, he published.

The official pages of Nubank and Banco do Brasil also claimed to be experiencing the same problem.

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