C6 Bank lays off employees and prepares restructuring


C6 Bank fired part of its team this Monday morning (6). The layoffs began to be negotiated with the Bank Workers Union last week and were confirmed by the company Sheet. The bank, however, did not inform the number of professionals dismissed.

With the cut, fintech joins Nubank, Loggi and 99, among others, which have reduced their staff in recent weeks.

In a note, the company claims that these are “readjustments” and also says that it will maintain the hiring schedule planned for this year, with the aim of ending 2023 with 800 new professionals. For now, 400 vacancies remain open. With 22.9 million customers, the bank is estimated to have around 4,000 employees.

“As is customary in companies that seek the best level of efficiency in the markets in which they operate, the group periodically evaluates the productivity of the teams and, when necessary, readjusts positions and professionals, as well as adapts its structures to the moment of the business “, it says in a note.

There should be no new cuts this week. The bank did not say whether there was any type of extra benefit offered to those fired in addition to the severance pay provided for by law, as an extension of health plan coverage — an action adopted by some startups that recently made layoffs.

Employees say that, even before being notified of the dismissal, access to the company’s systems had already been blocked.

The intention with the dismissals would be, according to sources, to restructure the company’s focus, previously focused on the creation of new products in the technological area. Now, the intention is to make the services offered more popular and expand the number of customers, turning to the marketing and customer service areas.

A survey released by the Central Bank in January shows that C6 Bank ranks third in the BC’s complaints ranking. The bank received 759 complaints from October to December 2022 – totaling 33.13 points. The institution came to appear three consecutive times at the top of the list.

The Bank Workers’ Union claims that the dismissals came as a surprise because the bank had announced, in November, the hiring of new professionals this year. Union and C6 Bank representatives met to discuss the cuts, but the union has yet to take a position on what was discussed.

In a note, the entity states that it tried to suspend the layoffs to start a negotiation process, but it was not answered. In addition, it says that the company did not report the total number of dismissals.

“The bank did not report on the number of shutdowns, but stated that there will be a restructuring in the area of ​​information technology and corporate and operational sectors.”

The union also claims that it “protests against the bank’s attitude” and advises employees to seek the entity in case there is “non-compliance with rights”.

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