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Panel SA: Trade unionists complain that they were not invited to take over Mercadante at BNDES


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The inauguration of Aloizio Mercadante as president of the BNDES bothered union members who were not invited.

The event left the feeling, for those who were not there, that the bank forgot to contemplate the representatives of workers, who are part of the composition of Codefat (Deliberative Council of the Worker Support Fund).

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“The FAT is one of the BNDES’ financing sources and we are members of the deliberative council, as well as the government and the employers. It was boring to leave a part out”, says João Carlos Gonçalves, Juruna, from Força Sindical.

According to Miguel Torres, president of Força, the central is usually invited to all the inauguration ceremonies at the bank.

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Ricardo Patah, president of UGT, also complained. “UGT has chaired Codefat on three occasions, always with the view that the BNDES would use the resource to finance companies that would generate jobs. The lack of prestige of the trade union movement was very inelegant”, says Patah.

Antonio Neto, president of the CSB (Central dos Sindicatos Brasileiros), says that some union leaders were quite upset.

According to the BNDES, the direction of the board was to invite representatives of the union movement and some were present, such as CUT, FUP (United Federation of Oil Workers), Contag (National Confederation of Agricultural Workers) and Metallurgists from ABC.

This was not the first noise with union centrals in the Lula administration. In the formation of the ministries, in December, Força Sindical, the second biggest central of the country, was disappointed with the lack of prestige in the selection of the teams.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins It is Diego Felix

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