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More than 22 million will have PIS/Pasep allowance as of the 15th; see if you will receive


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Workers can now consult to find out if they will receive the PIS and Pasep allowance in 2023, which begins to be paid by banks on February 15.

The query is made through the website and the Work Card application. See the step by step below.

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The salary bonus paid in 2023 is related to the work done in 2021. To be entitled, you must have formally worked for at least 30 days that year and have received an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages, among other requirements.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, allowances will be paid to 22.9 million workers entitled to receive the benefit, with 20.4 million entitled to PIS and another 2.5 million entitled to Pasep, totaling about R$ 22 billion.

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The payment schedule follows the dates approved by Codefat (Deliberative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund) in December, according to Sheet anticipated.

The worker will be able to receive from R$ 109 to R$ 1,302, since the amount of the allowance varies according to the number of months worked in 2021.

PIS and Pasep 2023 payment schedule

PIS allowance, paid by Caixa

For employees of private companies

born in receive from receive up to
January and February 02/15/2023 12/28/2023
March and April 03/15/2023 12/28/2023
May and June 04/17/2023 12/28/2023
July and August 05/15/2023 12/28/2023
september and october 06/15/2023 12/28/2023
November and December 07/17/2023


Pasep allowance, paid by Banco do Brasil

For those who worked in public companies, such as civil servants and employees of state-owned companies, and the military

end of registration receive from receive up to
0 02/15/2023 12/28/2023
1 03/15/2023 12/28/2023
2 and 3 04/17/2023 12/28/2023
4 and 5 05/15/2023 12/28/2023
6 and 7 06/15/2023 12/28/2023
8 and 9 07/17/2023 12/28/2023

How to check if you will receive the allowance from February

Through the Internet

1. Access the website and click on “Login with”

2. Log in with your CPF and password registered on the portal. If you have not registered, you can do so on this site.

3. Then, click on Salary Allowance. Afterwards, information appears whether or not the worker will receive the benefit.

by the app

1. On your cell phone or tablet, download the Digital Work Card application, if you don’t have it.

2. Log in with your CPF and password registered on the portal. If you have not registered, you can do so on this site.

3. On the home screen, click on “Abono Salarial – Consult”. If the option does not appear, click on the menu at the bottom of the screen, then “Benefits” and “Salary Allowance”. Next, information about receivables appears.

Who is entitled to the PIS/Pasep that will be paid in 2023

The reference year for this allowance is 2021. The worker needs:

  • Be registered in the PIS/Pasep program or in the Cnis (date of first job) for at least five years;
  • Have worked for employers that contribute to PIS or Pasep;
  • Have formally worked at least 30 days in the base year of 2021;
  • Having received an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages in 2021;
  • The employer must have correctly informed the employee’s data in the Rais (Annual Social Information List) for the base year

How will the bank be paid?

In the box

  • Those who have a checking or savings account at Caixa will automatically receive the credit in their bank account.
  • The other beneficiaries will receive the amounts through digital social savings, also according to the month of birth. Money deposited in digital savings can be moved through the Caixa Tem app, which allows you to pay bills, use the QR Code at the machines and make purchases with the virtual debit card.
  • If it is not possible to open the digital account, withdrawals can be made using the Social Card and password at self-service terminals, lottery shops, Caixa Aqui correspondents or at Caixa branches.

At the Bank of Brazil

  • Banco do Brasil customers who are entitled will receive it directly in their checking or savings account at BB, on the payment start date established in the calendar.
  • Payment will also be made via transfer via TED or in person at the bank’s service agencies.

Banks close at Carnival

According to Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks), branches will not work during Carnival, on the 20th and 21st, Monday and Tuesday.

The entity advises customers to preferentially use digital channels, such as banks’ websites and applications, to carry out transfers and pay bills on days when the branches are not open.

The entity informs that this year there will be 11 national bank holidays on weekdays, in addition to two days with special hours.

What amount of the allowance will be paid

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