Government of Rio wants to make a new concession of Cedae assets


The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, said this Thursday (9th) that he may make a new concession for Cedae in his second term or even an IPO on the part of the sanitation company, which remains state-owned.

Castro intends to hold a competition to hire a company later this year to prepare a feasibility study for what he called “the best project for the state Cedae”.

About two years ago, the government of Rio de Janeiro granted Cedae’s water distribution and sewage treatment and collection segments to the private sector. The two contests raised around R$ 25 billion. The remaining state Cedae maintained the water catchment and treatment areas.

Last year, the state company had a profit of almost R$ 400 million, according to Castro. “I’m not going to grant the good, the water asset. But we can grant a piece of Cedae, do an IPO”, he told journalists at a Lead Rio event. “We are in dialogue with various groups,” he added.

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