Correction of the IR table and program to renegotiate debts are already with Lula, says Haddad


After Carnival, the federal government must present a debt renegotiation program called Desenrola. The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, made the prediction when speaking at the opening of the meeting of the PT’s national directory this Monday morning (13), in Brasília.

According to him, both the Development and the correction of the Income Tax and minimum wage table are already on the table of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) awaiting his decision.

Haddad’s speech was not opened to the press and the information was provided by the PT’s press office.
Desenrola should offer easy conditions for people to renegotiate debts up to a certain limit, to be defined by the federal government.

With this, the bet is that there will be a boost to consumption, which would help in the economic recovery. The program can cover up to 40 million Brazilians who are indebted and have an income of up to two minimum wages, equivalent to R$2,640.

There are almost 70 million consumers whose names are negative due to default. The current level of indebtedness is a record.

Regarding the correction of the IR table, Lula’s promise during the election campaign was to exempt people with monthly income of up to R$ 5,000 from the tax, but this should not happen this year. Today, those with a monthly salary of less than R$ 1,900 are exempt. The plan under discussion considers raising this level to two minimum wages (R$ 2,640).

In addition to the announcements, Haddad also addressed monetary policy and the issue of interest rates in his speech to the PT’s national directory. According to the party’s advisory, the minister repeated what he said last week in a meeting with the PT group in the Chamber of Deputies, when he preferred to distance himself from the crisis generated by Lula’s criticism of the Central Bank.

The PT bench, in turn, articulates an invitation for Roberto Campos Neto, president of the autarchy, to go to the National Congress to talk about the interest rate policy.

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