Chrysostomos Tsoufis

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Now we can talk about the pre-election programs of the partiessaid Thodoris Skylakakis on SKAI radio, wanting to emphasize the government’s message that the package with support measures for pensioners and farmers was the last until the elections.

The cost of the package of measures is approx €600m but the evidence shows that there is multiple fiscal space that has been left untapped and will be a brilliant dose field for the next government – ​​assuming the current government does not bow to the sirens of providence and stays true to what it says.

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There are many reasons for optimism:

The year started in the best way as in January the budget – if the increased tax refunds are removed – showed €435 million in addition to revenue targets.

And only about half can be attributed to last year’s taxes that are still being collected such as ENFIA and road tax.

Even more deafening is the way last year ended.

General government figures show a primary deficit of just €288m from a €7.4bn deficit in 2021.

Income from taxes increased by €10 billion and income from insurance contributions by €1.6 billion, as a result of the increase in employment.

The best course of the economy.

After the recent upward revision of the growth rates for our country, the Greek government is expected to do the same.

A fact that is expected to increase fiscal strength.

It is typical that the turnover of Greek companies for 2022 increased by 35.5% in relation to 2021, reaching €461 billion, more than double the Greek GDP, a performance that an official of the Ministry of Finance described as BREATHTAKING!!!

To the above we must add the unimaginably good – compared to what happened in the previous months – course of the international price of natural gas.

Since January 24, it has been moving under the €60/Mwhthus alleviating the pressure on the budget – which is structured on the basis that the price of gas will be in €120 – so that the Ministry of Finance is told that if things remain like this then the growth rate for this year will be ahead of 2%.

Tourism cannot be missing from the list.

In the basic scenario, the Ministry of Finance expects revenue €18 billion as well as in 2019.

But developments seem capable of surpassing this height.

The year started off great and Vassilis Kikilias spoke of the best January of all time.

So althoughmoney will arise” but also as Mr. Skylakakis admitted, it has already been held and … kava , the government is currently exorcising the new packages with its officials to talk – if necessary – about small interventions.

However, because the temptations are many, scenarios are already being circulated about the existence of measures that are waiting for their turn, such as a new accuracy check according to the standards of Christmas and last Easter, as well as the extension of the duration of the market pass beyond since August…