Economists give tips for movies, series and documentaries


Science fiction, novels that defy the centuries and many adaptations of the stories of life as it is. At the request of the leaf, economists who daily deal with projections for growth and inflation, for example, leave the numbers aside and present their tips for films, series and documentaries to entertain and inform.

The list is diverse. Has the Greek epic The Iliad streamed into small chapters. The trajectory of the first black businesswoman to make a fortune in the United States in the early 20th century, the inspirational Madam CJ Walke. There are several productions that try to be didactic to explain contemporary phenomena —and somewhat somber— with the advance of QAnon, a group that promotes conspiracy theories and undermines democratic institutions.

There were also comedy suggestions for a good laugh, the classic Grace and Frankie with veterans Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the title roles of the series. And, surprise, it even has a game indication, Civilization 2. The strategy game is part of the Civilization series, released for PCs in the 1990s and later converted to different platforms.

Below is the complete list. Have fun with economists.

Silvia Matos, coordinator of the FGV Ibre Macro Bulletin

Miniseries: “The Strongest Voice — The Roger Ailes Scandal” – Globoplay

The plot traces the founding of Fox News in 1995. And shows what has changed in the American political scene because of it.

Documentário: “Q: Into The Storm” – HBO Max

Documentary that investigates and reports what is behind the QAnon phenomenon. It will show three years of international research that reveals the evolution of this phenomenon, following it up to the day of the invasion of the Capitol.

Series: “Plot Against America” ​​- Amazon Prime

The production imagines a reality in which Americans supported Nazis during World War II. Very current themes that help us to reflect on recent events in several countries and in Brazil.

Vilma Pinto, director of the IFI (Independent Fiscal Institution)

Miniseries: “Eyes That Condemn” – Netflix

It tells the true story of five young men who were wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The five from Central Park, as the real case became known, were convicted, serving time for years until they were able to prove their innocence.

Série: “This is us” – Star+

It tells the story of the Pearson family in different periods. These two series bring up issues that, unfortunately, are still very present in our daily lives: racism, bullying, abandonment, among others.

Miniseries: “The Life and History of Madam CJ Walker” – Netflix

It tells the story of a woman who conquered poverty and became a successful beauty products entrepreneur.

Series: “Grace e Frankie” – Netflix

To have a good laugh. It tells the story of two women, with very different personalities, who started a friendship after their husbands asked for a divorce to marry each other.

Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, president of Mauá Capital

Series: “Outlander” – Netflix

The Outlander series is wonderful. In addition to showing various historical moments from the 19th century and a little bit from the 20th century, it is a story of struggle and perseverance.

Solange Srour, Chief Economist at Credit Suisse Brasil

Série: “Maid” – Netflix

The plot addresses the journey of a young woman and mother (Alex) who, after leaving an abusive relationship with an alcoholic husband, faces an extremely challenging reality in financial and psychological terms. The spectator follows the fight for the restart of the protagonist alongside her 3-year-old daughter, but in addition to the countless difficulties, she still faces the persecution of her ex-partner.

I consider this series important because it brings a social service full of reflections on how the reconstruction of the lives of people who are victims of violence and psychological abuse is arduous, even more alone, in the search for financial and emotional independence. At the same time, it also reveals Alex’s great internal strength in going after its goals, without giving up even in the face of adversity.

Ana Paula Vescovi, chief economist at Santander

Filme: “Mr. Jones” – Netflix

Based on the impressive story of journalist Gareth Jones, who risked his life to denounce the genocide caused by famine in Ukraine in the early 1930s under the Stalinist regime. I was drawn to the synopsis that describes a plot with timely lessons about how societies can be destroyed from within, which would have opened the door to 20th century disasters. A shocking but revealing film.

Mário Theodoro, economist from UnB (University of Brasília) and founder of Abed (Brazilian Association of Economists for Democracy)

“Great Myths: The Iliad” Series – Short Channel!

The French-German TV series Arte France about the Trojan War is directed by Sylvain Bergère. There are ten episodes, each lasting 30 minutes, which faithfully recount the hardships and vicissitudes described in the epic poem by the Greek writer Homer, such as the story of the hero Achilles and the Trojan War. The result of the adaptation is a work very well done.

To enjoy the journey through history, it is also worth reading “The Order of the Day” by Éric Vuillard, which examines the backstage of the support of the great German industrialists to Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s. This was the financial and economic support of the 3rd Reich.

Sergio Vale, Chief Economist at MB Associados

Series: “The Empty Crown” – Amazon Prime

If much has been done of Shakespeare in film and on TV, there was not yet a sequel as interesting as “The Empty Crown” on Amazon Prime. British series made a few years ago, between 2012 and 2016, by the executive producer Sam Mendes, this version is worth the unusual of following in sequence the series of plays by the bard about the English kings, ranging from Ricardo 2nd to Ricardo 3rd, passing through the Henriques 4th, 5th and 6th.

Some of the pieces have already had interesting versions, such as Ricardo 3º and Henrique 5º, with Lawrence Olivier, but the flavor of the series is in watching it in sequence and in noticing how Skakespeare was unbeatable in building the fall of a king.

It is especially worth seeing Henry 4º, who has one of the most interesting characters in all of the bard’s plays, Falstaff. Speaking of him, it’s also worth seeing Orson Welles in the skin of this character and in a film with the same name, on the Petra Belas Artes streaming.

Bruno Ottoni, economist at IDados and researcher at Ibre/FGV (Brazilian Institute of Economics, Fundação Getulio Vargas)

Videogame: “Civilization 2” – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS

Originally released in 1996, it’s worth checking out an old computer game called “Civilization 2” (known as “Civ 2” or “Civilization 2” in the original). In it, players need to develop their civilization from the rise of agriculture to a future in which man colonizes Mars. The winner is whoever eliminates all opponents or whoever gets to the planet first.

I played “Civ 2” as a teenager and now I’m playing it again, with my son. The experience is fun for two reasons: first, instead of an activity my son does alone, it became fun for us; second, he ends up being able to exercise strategy rather than being exposed to a game that is violent. Here’s the tip!


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