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Tomorrow Friday, the last day of payment of March pensions, will be paid retroactively to eligible pensioners the 7.75% increase for the month of January 2023, with lump sum payment, EFKA press representative Omiros Tsapalos told SKAI 100.3.

Mr. Tsapalos noted that the personal difference allowance, which will be received by 1 million 112 thousand pensioners who did not receive the 7.75% increase, will range from approximately 200 to 300 euros, and will be paid by March 31.

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Regarding the pending adjuncts, the EFKA representative noted that until March 15 retroactive sums of 100 euros (50 if widowed or disabled) will be given for each month of delay to approximately 40 thousand insured persons. He said that on average this concerns auxiliaries pending since 2019, however there are some, such as the Metals Fund pending since 2012, so these beneficiaries will see even 15 thousand euros in their accounts.

Mr. Tsapalos clarified that they do not need to make any application the beneficiaries, however, it would be good to check that the correct iBAN has been declared to EFKA so that the payment can be made.

Finally, he added, that 40 thousand beneficiaries will have definitively received their supplementary benefits by the end of the month. He noted that in January 15,000 supplementary certificates were definitively issued and by the end of February another 25,000 will have been issued.