“83.3% of society could and did pay all taxes on time. Especially for natural persons, the percentage rose in 2022 to 75% from 68% in 2018.

Consequently, for 2022 we had the highest tax compliance, marking a five-year record”, stressed the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, during the hearing of the bodies of the draft law “Framework for debt settlement and other tax and customs regulations, protection of pensions from inflation and other provisions for the support of society and entrepreneurship” in the Economic Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

The finance minister pointed out that “there is no other country that has a 120 or 75 installment regulatory framework” established by this draft law.

He emphasized that “we all understand the difficulties of the time and that the State should be a helper and next to society. That’s why we’re creating this framework with rules and specific regulations.”

Mr. Staikouras, to those from parties and agencies who request a generalized arrangement for the inclusion of all debts within the framework of the 120 or 75 installments, said that “in 2022, timely tax payments were at a record level in the last five years.

83.3% of the society paid all taxes on time. Especially, for natural persons, this percentage rose from 68% in 2018 to 75% in 2022.

So we had the highest tax compliance in 2022, which means that citizens were able to pay taxes because of the tax cuts. Now, at the same time, we are also introducing a favorable framework with 120 or 75 doses to help categories of our compatriots”

The hearing of bodies in the Committee on the bill continues.