An open invitation to innovative small and medium-sized female startups from all over Greece is officially addressed by the Athens Young Business Incubator (THEA) of the EBEA. and the National Chamber Network of Greek Women Entrepreneurs – E.E.D.E.G.E.

As the president of EBEA and EDEGE, Mrs. Sofia Kounenaki Efraimoglou, said to APE-MBE, on the occasion of the publication of the invitation: “We considered it very important to help women develop their businesses and gain access to investment funds and networking . In addition, we offer them space, mentoring, offices, and everything else they need so that they can take the next steps, while they are going to participate in educational programs, conferences and events in Greece and abroad”.

As he pointed out: “EBEA, in the framework of the actions it undertakes to increase the participation of women in business, addresses this invitation to female start-ups to submit their applications to the Young Business Incubator, in order to support their operation.”

Who it concerns:

* Start-up innovative business groups whose members are at least 50% female.

* Start-up innovative SMEs with female founders or co-founders, as well as companies in which women own the majority of shares/shares in the company and participate with a percentage of more than 50% in the executive management/management of the company.


The benefits that all start-up women’s business groups and start-up innovative women’s SMEs obtain from their participation in THEA include:

* Provision of advisory support in matters of administration, marketing – sales promotion, legal and tax matters, etc.

* Promote synergies between business teams.

* Support for access to investment funds related to the financing of the start-up business.

* Participation in training seminars.

* Business networking activities in Greece and abroad.

* Formation of common interests and goals at the operational level.

Application deadline:

Requests for Proposals may be submitted until April 28, 2023.


On the website there is the application for submitting a proposal for inclusion in the Incubator of Young Enterprises of Athens – THEA, the evaluation criteria, as well as the instructions for completing and submitting it electronically.

The applications will be evaluated immediately and in order of priority (first come, first served), by the Special Evaluation Committee of THEA.

Information – Communication with the Therokoitida T.E.A. of EBEA

Telephone: 211 1036904 & 211 1036958, Secretariat of THEA.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.