By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

In a few hours and not on Friday, the bank accounts of 1.1 million pensioners will finally be credited with the aid of €200-300 as revealed by the EFKA press representative speaking on SKAI radio Homer Tsapalos.

The aid is intended to alleviate to some extent the “injustice” suffered by those pensioners who either received no increases at all (or received less than 7.75%) because of the personal difference burden “bequeathed” to them by Law of Katrougalos.

The amount of aid depends on three factors:

-The amount of the main pension that retirees receive

-If they have a personal difference or if they don’t have the amount of the increase they got

-Whether they have received other aids such as the Christmas precision check of €250.

More than half, approximately 565,000, will receive €300, specifically:

– Those who have a sum of main pensions of €800-1000 and did not see any increase. It is about 120,000

-Those who have a main pension of up to €800 and did not get an increase except for the €250 at Christmas. They are estimated at 370,000

– Those with main pensions of €1000-1100 did not get an increase but only had a small benefit of €36 on average per year from the abolition of the solidarity contribution. They number about 70,000

394,000 will receive €250:

-Those who have main pensions of €1100-1600 and did not get an increase but benefited by around €110 per year from the abolition of the solidarity levy. It is the largest group in this category with 300,000 members.

-Those who receive a main pension up to €1100/month and got an increase of up to 3.49%. It’s about 94,000.

The remaining 158,000 will receive €200:

-33,000 with pensions of €1101-1600 that saw increases of up to 3.49%

-125,000 with pensions up to €1100 that saw increases from 3.5% to 6.99%

The reinforcement is tax freeinalienable and non-seizable and not subject to any fee, levy or other retention in favor of the State.

With the money, the aid to the pensioners will be completed – barring a shocking contingency – and until the elections, as the Ministry of Finance has already made it clear in all tones that there is currently no additional fiscal space.

In addition, it was completed – according to his announcement EFKA– m payment of the April pensions and the payment of €54.6m to 26,000 beneficiaries whose supplementary pensions were issued in February. With the March pensions, 17,000 more had “gone to the fund” whose supplementary benefits were awarded in January. On March 14, 37,500 pensioners whose supplementary pensions have not yet been issued received an advance payment of €100/month of waiting. Total beneficiaries as emphasized by EFKA more than 80,000 pensioners.