The Ministry of Finance proceeded today with the payment of 31.4 million euros to 287,279 beneficiaries of the heating allowance, according to a statement by Christos Staikouras

At the same time, he noted that “the total amount that has been allocated, to date, for the heating allowance for the winter season 2022-2023 reaches 274.2 million euros, while new payments will follow until June 15 for consumers who use natural gas and until August 10 for consumers of thermal energy through district heating.

In the current period, the heating allowance, after increasing the granted amount and the perimeter of the beneficiaries, covers the majority of households that consume heating oil, natural gas and the other subsidized forms of fuel”.

And the minister concludes: this measure and the heating oil subsidy applied to the pump have a total budgetary cost of 520 million euros and are another practical proof of the effective and brave support of citizens – especially the most vulnerable – by the Government against multi-level exogenous crises”.