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Panel SA: Cybersecurity and the fight against fraud continues to rise in 2022, says expert


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Discussions on cybersecurity and combating fraud should advance this year, given the increase in attacks on systems and society’s pressure for a solution, according to experts’ forecast.

The use of automated systems and artificial intelligence to protect information is also on a growing trajectory, says Thoran Rodrigues, founder of the BigDataCorp data platform.

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The movement takes place in the wake of the LGPD, according to Rodrigues. Even though it deals with personal data, it is positive for cybersecurity because it clearly defines who is responsible for protecting the information, he says.

For researcher André Bordokan, who works in the means of payment sector, there is no silver bullet in the fight against fraud, but a series of elements to raise the level of trust. He developed a system that tries to speed up the identification of fraud in card transactions to cancel the operation before it takes place, in cases where the payer reports having suffered some type of scam.

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Bordokan says that, as the transaction carries sensitive information from the payer, which needs to be protected, this makes communication between the card company and the merchant more complex when verifying the end-customer’s complaint.

Based on the algorithm, which he worked on for his master’s degree at the New York University School of Engineering, he claims that it is possible to facilitate this dialogue by replacing data, such as names, with a sequence of characters that provide an additional element to identify the transaction, without it is possible to reverse the series and expose the information.

Concerns about safety became popular last year after the explosive adoption of PIX in Brazil. Months after the launch of the instant payments system, a wave of fraud, scams and other crimes involving the technology led the Central Bank to modify the rules to try to contain the action of criminals.

with Andressa Motter e Ana Paula Branco


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