The application platform for the program opens today “Photovoltaics on the Roof». The program has a total budget of 200 million euros and subsidizes the installation of a photovoltaic and storage system (battery).

THE subsidy of the photovoltaic system reaches up to 75% for households and 60% for farmers, with a limit of 16 thousand euros for households and 10 thousand euros for farmers.

The battery subsidy is 90% and 100%, depending on the income category.

Beneficiaries of the program – according to the Ministry of the Interior – will be able to see savings in electricity bills that reach 3 thousand euros per year.

See in detail the program guide as posted on the ministry’s website

Special care is taken for vulnerable households with the allocation of 35 million euros exclusively for them, while a special bonus of 10% is foreseen for people with disabilities (PWD), single parents and families with many children.

A basic condition for submitting an application is that the applicant has already concluded a Connection Agreement with DEDDIE but that the photovoltaic station has not been connected.