He estimated that annual tax evasion in Greece amounts to 60 billion euros the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Giannis Stournaraswho mentioned on the subject of tax evasion that the incomes we declare are 80 billion.

The declared consumption is 140 billion. In fact, without this consumption being financed by the reduction in savings, since, as he said, we also have an increase in savings.

As he characteristically said, although progress has been made with increasing tax revenues as a percentage of GDP, “we are considered champions of Europe”.

Calculating himself the extent of tax evasion he emphasized with emphasis “80 billion in declared income, 140 billion in consumption and at the same time an increase in savings” (s.p. 140-80 = 60 billion euros).

Referring to “red loans” revealed that he has a legislative initiative ready which he will send to the next finance minister in order to apply a uniform code of conduct for funds as well.

As he said “..at the SC we insist that a code of ethics be followed by these funds as well, in fact when the next government comes along we will be ready to make recommendations to improve the institutional framework of supervision and these companies.”

He clarified that for auctions the SC cannot do many things as there is a relevant law and also the opinion of the Supreme Court. As he said, “politics must protect the vulnerable. Those who are in need and do not pay, necessarily something must be done. Because as you know, banks have assets and liabilities.”

Referring to the high spread between interest rates on deposits and loans the Governor of the Bank of Greece argued to in.gr that “in order to reduce this spread, we must improve competition in the banking system, helping the smaller banks, firstly making them stronger in terms of capital, secondly asking the government that the conditions of competition are the same, for example the “Hercules” system that gave guarantees for a part of the loans that were securitized to the systemic banks must be given on the same terms, of course, to the smaller ones in order to be able to compete with the big ones on the same terms.”

For investment grade he expressed the certainty that this year the country will be upgraded to it, which will contribute to the de-escalation of lending rates, a process which he estimated will take about two years to complete.

He repeated that “Greece needs a long-term governmentwhich will show the necessary determination and speed in implementing these reforms, its programmatic statements to get the investment grade.