THE Independent Public Revenue Authorityin continuous constructive dialogue with the popular Short Term Rental platforms Airbnb, and Expedia Group/VRBO, signed an updated Memorandum of Cooperation.

Changes were agreed which lead to the qualitative and quantitative upgrading of the data exchanged with the aim of their more effective management by AADE, in order to fully ensure the identification of accommodation managers for compliance and control purposes.

With the new agreement, digital platforms now:

• They introduce editorial checks in the field where the real estate registry numbers (AMA/ ESL/ MAG) are written, to avoid mistakes and evasions by administrators.
• They also send the first and last name of the account holder’s IBAN for the identification and control of managers.
• They include the total annual rentals (nights) of each entry.
• Return to AADE, in file format, non-compliant managers who have already received notices to complete or correct their property number.
• They must exchange data in a specific file format, which facilitates and speeds up the process.
Additionally, the practice of categorizing listings into short-term and non-short-term rentals, according to their commercial model, is being extended to all platforms.
The Governor of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis, said: “We are constantly seeking cooperation solutions with market players that can help in the fight against tax evasion. By signing the updated memorandums of cooperation with the three major platforms, we further strengthen the effectiveness of this policy of ours, which has become a point of reference internationally and has led to a tenfold increase in income declared from short-term rentals.”
On Airbnb’s part, Head of Public Policy & Campaign for Southern Europe, Valentina Reino, noted that this Memorandum of Cooperation with AADE has proven to be an example of good practice across Europe as it sets a clear framework for the obligations of property owners, enhancing transparency and supporting a level playing field for all platforms. “At Airbnb we are very happy to continue our successful partnership with AADE, which allows Greek families to significantly support responsible tourism. We are committed to continuing this cooperation with the Greek government and authorities in the future, to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of short-term rentals in the country.”
In the same context, on behalf of VRBO, Expedia Group’s vacation rental brand, Iban Rabasa, Senior Director of Government Affairs, highlighted how the MOU is an important public and private sector initiative. “The memorandum guarantees transparency in the field of short-term rentals and allows property owners and managers to carry out their activity in accordance with Greek law.” It allows users to take full advantage of the recovery of the tourism and travel industry, while also working with the Greek Government to assess the contribution of vacation rentals to the Greek economy. He also added “we look forward to continuing to work closely with all stakeholders to promote sustainable growth in the industry and ensure an appropriate short-term regulatory framework.”
Finally, on behalf of, Katerina Shearer, Senior Director of Public Relations, underlined that is very satisfied with the productive cooperation with the Authority and the renewal of the agreement which continues to provide clarity and transparency in the short-term sector leases in Greece. He pointed out that the Greek government is one step ahead of the EU with this clear, enforceable legislation, based on a national registration system combined with clear and streamlined data sharing requirements, which is the best way to ensure that everyone operates with the same set of rules, thus ensuring a positive outcome for travellers, homeowners and local economies. He concluded by noting that sees travel as a force for good and that online travel platforms have a critical role to play in helping the tourism sector make the twin transitions to a greener, more digital and more resilient future. in a post covid world.