The specialization of the economic measures presented by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the TIF is currently being presented by the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Hatzidakis mentioned in his introductory statement that the government has taken initiatives for tax evasion, but also for natural disasters and their consequences. At the same time, he pointed out that Greece is “second in growth rates in the EU, has record exports, record reduction of public debt and unemployment has reached pre-crisis levels.”

He also referred to the credit upgrade of the country by 4 rating agencies.

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As Mr. Hatzidakis said, the initiatives move along 4 axes. Specifically:

1st axis: Banking System – It will provide liquidity
2nd axis: Tackling tax evasion by limiting cash
3rd axis: Income support of citizens
4th axis: Climate Change-Tackling natural disasters

1st axis: Banking system

Regarding the government’s initiatives for the banking system Mr. Hatzidakis said that the effort will move in 5 axes.

1. Extension of loans also from non-banking institutions. The possibilities will also cover other categories of loans such as mortgages. This will increase competition.
2. The use of the “Hercules” program for pending matters that are on the table.
3. In a bill that will come soon, rules of transparency and obligations for servicers will be established. At the same time, sanctions will be imposed.
4. Operation of the IRIS service. Priority for dealing with freelancers
5. Impairment of participation of the financial stability fund. It will strengthen our banking system and in general the prospects of the economy.