A guide to the obligations of farmers, in the context of irrigability, was published by OPEKEPE.

As he emphasizes, regionalism is a key pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy, and aims at the sustainability of agriculture and sustainable development.

Secrecy provisions have the following main objectives:
✓ The protection of the natural environment
✓ The preservation of the rural landscape
✓ Achieving sustainability
✓ The safety of produced food
✓ The health and safety of farmers and farm animals
✓ The health of consumers

The sustainability of agriculture is a prerequisite for the overall sustainable development of the country. The protection of the environment, the respect of the landscape, the prudent use of natural resources, water and soil, the safety of farmers and consumers, the rational use of inputs, offer the agricultural activity its recognition as a “producer of public goods” .

This recognition is its strong argument that apart from producing safe and quality food, agriculture is entitled to the support of the state and the European Union for all the services it offers to society as a whole.

At the same time it adds value to our products and highlights their superiority over the corresponding imported products of low specifications and minimal standards.

The aim of this guide is to provide detailed information mainly to farmers, but also to geotechnicians, on the application of air quality.

We hope that the guide will contribute to having as few violations as possible and therefore penalties from the controls in the context of religiousness.

We also hope that this guide will help promote agricultural practices that contribute to the sustainability of Greek agriculture.