An “open window” for possible new support measures for vulnerable citizens is left by the government, as the economic situation of the country goes from good to better. The economic staff estimates the additional revenue from the fight against tax evasion at two billion a year, a fact that, if confirmed, will provide the government with more “air” to support the most vulnerable citizens, who are most affected by the accuracy.

According to information, the income from dealing with it tax evasion by the end of the year, expected at 250-400 million. euros, opening the “window” earlier for new support measures.

The conditions for additional assistance for the most vulnerable are as follows:

-Achieving fiscal goals.

-“No” to horizontal energy subsidies.

-“Yes” only to targeted interventions.

The scenarios for the support measures are as follows:

-Resetting the market pass

-Extraordinary “accuracy bonus”.

-Expansion of social electricity tariffs.

-Measures for housing young people.

-Maintenance of reduced VAT rates.

The fight against tax evasion focuses on two main areas:

– Limiting VAT losses.

-Undeclared income

To close the VAT gap, the expansion of POS to all market sectors, including street markets, taxis, kiosks, concerts and theaters, as well as the interconnection of cash registers with POS by next Spring, will play a crucial role.

In order to limit undeclared incomes, the implementation of electronic books, the activation of the digital consignment note and the mandatory use of electronic invoices will play a key role.