The platform for submitting applications for further training in the tourism sectors opens as by the decision of the Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Rapti, responsible for Tourism Education, the submission of applications for the admission of 590 workers and temporarily unemployed in the tourism sectors, to the Departments of Further Education, begins on Wednesday 11 October of the Ministry of Tourism, for the educational period 2023-2024.

Applications concern:

● 24 departments, in 10 cities in Greece: Athens (headquartered in Anavyssos), Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Corfu, Agios Nikolaos, Loutraki (headquartered in Corinth), Nafplio (headquartered in Argos), Alexandroupoli, Heraklion and Kalamata.

● 5 specialties: (a) Hospitality, (b) Catering, (c) Culinary art, (c) Pastry art, (e) Roofing

In order to participate in the selection process, candidates must submit their application, electronically, on the website, from Wednesday 11.10.2023 until Friday 20.10.2023.

Those interested who wish to apply in two (2) cities, select the corresponding fields in the online application.

Information on Continuing Education Departments

● The Continuing Education Departments recommend continuing professional training programs, which are not part of formal education, and lead to the acquisition of ungraded study titles.

● They are aimed at employees and temporary unemployed in the tourism sector, who do not hold tourism education qualifications.

● The programs are free and must be watched.

● The teaching has a total duration of 380 hours. It includes a theoretical course as well as a series of workshops.

● During the program, students are entitled to a further education allowance, which is determined and paid by the D.Y.P.A. (O.A.E.D.).

● Upon successful completion of their course, graduates acquire official status and all the work privileges that come with it, with an increase in their salary.

“Applications for further training 2023-2024, for 590 workers and temporarily unemployed in the tourism industry, are now open. We are offering lifelong training seminars to 590 workers in tourism, in 10 different cities in Greece, in order to upgrade their skills and increase the job opportunities and salary they are entitled to upon graduation”, said the Deputy Minister of Tourism, responsible for Tourism Education, Elena Rapti and added:

In addition, we are starting from the end of 2023, with the largest subsidized training program of the Ministry of Tourism, for workers and temporarily unemployed in tourism sectors with at least 18,000 beneficiaries, who will receive 1,250 euros in compensation for participation.

For this purpose, we utilized resources of 45 million from the Recovery Fund and offer training programs in 7 specialties with asynchronous distance education and certification. Upgrading the skills of Tourism workers, with the further training provided by the Ministry of Tourism, is of capital importance for upgrading the quality of our tourism product itself. For us, tourism education is a critical sector for the development of tourism in Greece. Our long-standing tourist route and the global recognition of its dynamics are based on it. And, of course, it always remains the key driver of the implementation of the Ministry of Tourism’s strategic planning for the sustainability of the country’s tourism product.”

Attached is the announcement for the admission of 590 post-graduate students, to the Post-Training Departments of the Ministry of Tourism, for the 2023-2024 educational period.

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