The positive performance of Greece, in terms of how the European Economies face the biggest challenges of the time – according to the assessment of the Economist – mentions the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis, in his post on Facebook.

Based on the Economist’s assessment of how the European Economies are facing the biggest challenges of the time, Greece is ranked among the leaders in 2 sectors in the entire EU. While in the overall ranking we are tenth out of 27. You don’t say that badly! Even more so when we consider where we have been in the past decade.

These are the so-called “medals” awarded by the Economist to the European Economies, based on the progress of the economies and resilience in the face of major challenges. From 2019 onwards, the progress of the Greek economy is clearly reflected in the increase in investments, the impressive rise in exports, the de-escalation of the public debt as a percentage of the Gross National Product, in that Greece is now among the European countries with the lowest deficits in budget, to the very significant reduction of unemployment.

The Greek citizens realize this with their votes in the elections, all international organizations record it, it is now also noted by the Economist, which ranks Greece among the pioneers in dealing with inflation and the gradual de-escalation in the prices of goods, despite the problem of precision in food. We are also considered pioneers in the decarbonisation of the economy and the shift to green energy. Of course, it is noted that Greece must continue its efforts on issues such as the further reduction of public debt and dealing with the demographic problem.

However, after a long period of crisis, Greece has evolved in recent years into a dynamically developing economy, constantly strengthening its role in the international scene, and facing existing and new challenges decisively and effectively. Of course we are not complacent. We still have a way to go and the effort continues. It is quite simply our patriotic duty».