e-EFKA: The number of certified accountants and lawyers for the award of pensions reaches 458


There are now 458 certified accountants and lawyers who have joined the pension award process, as the examination, which took place on February 10, revealed an additional 125 successful candidates out of a total of 332 examinees.

According to an announcement of e-EFKA, the certified are selected by the insured who submit for the first time electronically a retirement application on the website of e-EFKA (https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/syntaxioychoi/aitisi).

At this stage, they can undertake pension applications of insured persons of the IKA, the OAEE and the OGA and, in the next period, the inclusion of other categories of pensions will be implemented.

It is reminded that the available certified professionals appear in the insured, during the electronic submission of the retirement application. The insured then selects the certified person he wishes, sets the date and time of the appointment, and then receives an email confirming the assignment and the appointment, in order to provide the relevant supporting documents.

So far, more than 500 applications for retirement cases have been submitted by certified accountants and lawyers, and the first pensions are expected to be issued by the end of February.

As pointed out in the announcement, this service gives added value, through modern practices, to the work of the institution and is provided completely free of charge to all insured persons, significantly accelerating the issuance of pensions.

Those interested had and have access to the results, through the educational platform, with their digital credentials (https://howto.gov.gr/).

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