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State of SP cuts server retirement without re-enrollment


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Retired employees and pensioners of the Government of the State of São Paulo who are birthdays from May and September and have not re-registered in 2021 have until this Wednesday (11) to perform the procedure at a SPPrev unit (São Paulo Previdência). After the update, benefit payments will be reactivated.

The deadline for proof of life at a Banco do Brasil branch ended this Tuesday (10) for these beneficiaries. Civil and military inactives and pensioners who have already re-registered this year have their situation regularized and do not need to repeat the procedure in 2021. See how the proof of life for INSS retirees works.

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According to SPPrev, about 18,300 beneficiaries who have their birthdays in May and September had their payment suspended due to the lack of re-registration in 2021. Inactive persons and pensioners who had their payment blocked and re-registered until this Tuesday (9) will have the benefit reactivated on the November 19 supplement sheet, informed the agency. After this date, and depending on the day of the update, reactivation will take place in the next sheets.

Upcoming cuts

June and October birthdays must register by November 19 at Banco do Brasil branches or by November 22 at SPPrev units so that the payment of their benefits is not blocked.

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The annual life test was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it became mandatory for inactives, civilian and military pensioners on September 1st. Beneficiaries who have their birthdays from January to April are exempt from re-registration this year and must update only in 2022.

no bank notices

Journalist Mariângela Devienne Ferreira, 53, who helps her 86-year-old aunt receive the payment of a pension and a pension from the state, complains about the lack of information from the government after the return of mandatory proof of life.

“It should have been more organized with the banks where the benefit is paid, for example.” She says that her aunt’s benefits were suspended due to lack of re-registration and says that, even after updating the registration, she still doesn’t know when the income will be paid again, which will generate a series of inconveniences.

SPPrev informed that the return of the obligation was widely publicized on its website, on Facebook, in the São Paulo Previdência application, by email, through teleservice and by server associations.

See the re-registration schedule

For retired employees and pensioners in SP

Deadline Who should re-register
September September Birthday Party + May Birthday Party Who Did Not Re-register in 2021
October October Birthday Party + June Birthday Party Who Did Not Re-register in 2021
November November Birthday Party + July Birthday Party Who Did Not Re-register in 2021

December Birthday Party + August Birthday Party Who Did Not Re-register in 2021

Birthdays from January to April will only need to re-register in 2022.

where to do

Re-registration can be carried out at SPPrev’s headquarters and regional offices, and it is recommended to schedule through 08007777738 (for free landline calls) and (11) 2810-7050 (for charged cell phone calls).

The procedure can also be carried out at any Banco do Brasil branch, without the need for scheduling.

In the case of university pensioners, the period for the procedure corresponds to the months of January and July. Failure to carry out the proof of life within the deadline leads to suspension of the benefit until the situation is regularized.


You must present an official identification document with photo, proof of registration with the CPF and updated proof of residence, valid for a maximum of 90 days.

SPPrev emphasizes that the use of a mask is still mandatory and recommends, if possible, avoiding taking companions for care.


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