The message that “the project of interfacing POS with cash registers will proceed “rain – snow”sent once again by the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakisduring his visit to a fruit shop in Maroussi, where the interconnection of the two systems was carried out in real time by a specialized installation technician.

Kostis Hatzidakis watched her closely interface process, which only took a few minutes and talked to the fruit shop owners and the installer about this big project which will contribute to the fight against tax evasion.

Upon completion of the interface in a storeeach time a customer wishes to pay with a debit or credit card, the corresponding card must first be “struck” amount in the cash register in order to then “unlock” the POS to proceed with the transaction. In this way, any possibility of avoiding the issuance of a tax receipt is eliminated when it comes to transactions using a card resulting in the significant disclosure of hitherto hidden taxable material.

Kostis Hatzidakis emphasized that “in addition to the contribution of the interconnection of POS and cash registers to the fight against tax evasionthis project has been included in the Recovery Fund as a milestone, meaning that if it does not go ahead part of our country’s funding from Brussels will be cut off. And I believe that no one wants that.” He added that “for this reason, strict sanctions have been foreseen for the companies that are obliged to connect, but also for the providers of the machines and related services”, while at the same time “a significant part of the cost of the interconnection is covered by European funds. Within the next few days, a 4th cycle of financing part of the POS market and its connection to the cash register will be announced,” he said.

Finally, add how “in recent days there has been a lot of movement in the area of ​​interconnection. We call, as this fruit shop did today, and the rest of the businesses to do the same. It’s positive for the economy, it’s positive for tackling tax evasion, it’s positive for our country.”