In any change or moving forward at pivotal points in one’s life, it is important to take a long-term view. Being able to dream, set goals and provide, as much as possible, for the next periods of one’s life can contribute to a better future. Retirement planning is one such case and should be a priority that requires thought, foresight and preparation, as well as, of course, strategic decision-making.

Lifestyle assessment and goal setting

When planning for retirement, it is necessary to first assess some factors in your life and make clear targets. Consider aspirations, the hobby, your travel plans and desired standard of living during retirement. By identifying these goals, you’ll better know what to do to create the right plan tailored to your unique preferences and priorities.

The key factors to look out for

So how does one create one plan for the pension years? And how is it possible to maintain a comfortable standard of living, after he stops working? It is important that one has researched all the solutions available, including personal savings, social security benefits and pension planscalculating, at the same time, of course, the tax obligations he will have to face.

Health and wellness planning

Maintaining physical and mental well-being is of course a key factor in making the most of your retirement years. So, your priorities should be o scheduling regular examsthe adoption of a healthy lifestyle and participating in activities that promote your overall well-being. Consider health care costs and research long-term options health care insurance to protect against unexpected medical expenses.

Social connections and participation in communities

Retirement is an opportunity to cultivate meaningful social connections and contribute to your community. Think about how you will maintain relationships with your family and friends and take advantage of opportunities for volunteering or participation in social groups. Building one strong support network enhances emotional well-being and a sense of purpose during retirement.

Lifelong learning and skills development

Retirement offers the freedom to pursue interests and hobbies that may have been sidelined during your working years. Find opportunities for lifelong learning, through educational programs, online courses or workshops. Cultivating new skills and knowledge not only enriches your experiences, but also promotes your personal growth.

The importance of choosing reliable financial partners

For many people choosing investment products, insurance plans and other financial products is understandably difficult. In this case, the choice of reliable financial advisors is a factor of primary importance for their financial future. With their help, one can have valuable guidance, personalized advice and access to one wide range of investment products and services tailored to his needs. It is essential for everyone to work with professionals who prioritize transparency, integrity and inspire trust.

Digital banking and pension account management

It is important for a retiree to always have the easiest way to transact, but also partners who facilitate him, offering him privileges at the same time. With the aim of creating relationships of mutual trust with its customers and rewarding them for choosing to work with the bank, the Eurobank has created the comprehensive pension scheme For Me, which offers pensioners real benefit in their day-to-day transactions and many more benefits. Thus, by transferring your pension to Eurobank until 31.03.2024you win 4% €back in your daily shopping for 1 year at Sklavenitis, Masoutis and Chalkiadakis supermarkets and at selected EKO petrol stations. In addition, you rewards with 100 euros €back to an active debit or credit card participating in the €back rewards program. It is very important that Eurobank now provides the possibility to transfer the pension easily and directly from e-Banking and the Eurobank Mobile Appconstantly facilitating the daily life of pensioners and meeting their every need in the best possible way.

Pension as more than the monthly income in your account

A pension is not just a sum in your account every month. It is an opportunity for one to explore new interests, discover new destinations and spend time with loved ones. It is a period full of free time that can be used qualitatively, differently and beautifully. So, let everyone see it as the starting point for a new chapter of their life, full of adventures, but also new opportunities, as long as they have the foresight to claim them and the willingness to take advantage of them.