After the extension, end of february the 35 branches must either have a POS or have ordered one, as no further extensions will be granted, given that the market can respond, explained Haris Theocharis, speaking in the Parliament.

“We don’t want to get even €1 from these fines, but we will not spare anyone who does not do what they have to do”, emphasized the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, speaking to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the Parliament about the fines established by provisions for any delays in the interconnection of the cash registers with the POS, and which are included in the draft law for the utilization of public property in coastal areas.

Four initiatives to reduce tax evasion

Mr. Theoharis spoke about cosmogony of initiatives from the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and from AADE, as the executive arm to reduce tax evasion and referred to four specific initiatives that have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented. The first initiative concerns electronic invoicing, since from January 1, 2024 all invoices have a QR code indicating that they have been sent to AADE. The second initiative concerns the expansion to 35 branches -which did not have the obligation-to use POS while the obligation for the direct payment system through IRIS was also added.

The third initiative concerns the interconnection of POS with cash registers. “A project that when we found that some companies were meeting their obligations and others were not – in every sub-category – we immediately made it clear that this cannot be accepted. If those involved comply with their obligations, they will not have to pay a single fine”, said the Deputy Minister while clarifying that the leadership of the ministry she is not willing to take a single step back, as we must reach the Recovery Fund milestone, but also because we owe it to those who are the permanent burdens of the tax burden in this country and who, against all statistics, declare everything and pay everything. The fourth initiative to curb tax evasion is myData and ‘the lock’its connection to the VAT return.

Coastal areas

Mr. Theocharis also referred to the draft law on the utilization of public property in the coastal areas saying that it is a balanced bill, a measured bill, an effective bill, a reasonable and proportionate bill and this is proven by the criticism we have heard during this time, because we have heard criticism from both sides. “Obviously we want an environment that is protected. Obviously we also want an economy that works and produces for everyone, wages, profits and prosperity and obviously we also want to make use of our wealth, to make use of the power that nature has given us, for the sake of our touristic product, for the sake of development and the prosperity of the country. These are the goals that this bill tries to balance,” he said.