They used to put their hands in the cash register of their business, but… they forgot to declare this money to the tax office. The reason for the three shareholders of a real estate holding company in Mykonos.

This is a company that rents villas and a property in a well-known club on the island. Its shareholders are a well-known artist and two businessmen, who are active in catering, in Attica.

THE algorithm led the auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Authority to the incomes of the three shareholders, where they found significant tax evasion violations.

Specifically, they found that the three persons received, in 2020 and 2021, significant sums from the company, without declaring them (and of course without paying the corresponding tax)!

In more detail, for 2020, the amounts of the relevant tax, plus legal surcharges, amount to:

€261,000 for the artist
€268,000 for the one entrepreneur and
€162,000 for the third party.

For 2021, the taxes with the surcharges respectively reach €115,000 for each of the first two shareholders and €82,000 for the third shareholder.

That is, the artist is asked to pay €376,000, one businessman, €383,000 and the other, €244,000.

The total amount is more than one million euros.

And that’s not all.

The AADE auditors have already started and are combing through the total tax data of the three shareholders – that is, their movements plus their participation in the Mykonos company -, while criminal sanctions are also expected for the above tax evasion offenses