Its network in Serbia strengthens the Stream Global through the acquisition of the Nami company, confirming its leading position in the logistics industry in SE Europe, according to a related announcement.

Nami, a leading company in the Serbian 3PL market based in Belgrade, specializing in refrigerated logistics, has a customs warehouse license and covers cargo transportation in Serbia and the wider region. It has four privately owned buildings with a storage space of 7,373 sq.m. and office space of 1,500 sq.m., providing services throughout the supply chain. It is a rapidly growing company with a workforce of 80 employees that provides services such as storage, distribution, picking, labeling and customs services. The company is strategically located near key transport routes such as the Belgrade-Budapest highway and the under-construction Batajnica terminal. It is the closest facility to the center of Belgrade, providing a unique competitive advantage in the regional logistics and supply chain landscape.

According to the same announcement, Streem Global AE integrates leading companies in the field of logistics and transport in the SE Europe region, having a network of warehouses, of significant volume that allows the storage of products on a large scale and offers combined transport using sea, road, rail and air network.

With a strategic base in Greece and offices in Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Hungary and Cyprus, Streem Global is the end to end partner for storage and transportation services of products from and to Europe, with Greece to be the gateway.