Panel SA: Telephone bill is the most traded debt at fair to clear name


Telephone bills were the most traded debt at the Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome last week in São Paulo.

According to data from Serasa, the state concentrates more than 15 million defaulters, 4.2 million of them in the capital.

The average debt among São Paulo residents is almost R$5,000, about R$951 above the national average, says Serasa.

In the action mounted in Largo da Batata, in the western region of the capital, between March 15th and 19th, more than 5,900 agreements were made for overdue and negative debts. Another 230,000 were held across the state.

The initiative runs until the end of this month through Serasa’s digital channels. More than 100 companies offer discounts to settle pending issues with customers.

Joana Cunha with Andressa Motter and A-N-A Paula Branco

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