Panel SA: Brazilian executives meet again with the president of COP26


The president of COP26 (26th World Climate Conference), Alok Sharma, meets with executives from large companies such as Natura, Bayer and Microsoft meet this Tuesday (29) to discuss ways to fulfill environmental commitments, advance in climate neutrality and actions of the productive sector against global warming.

About 80 CEOs from companies associated with CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) participate in the meeting.

Sharma, who is also a member of the British parliament, had already met with the presidents of companies in Brazil, in August of last year, before COP26, which took place in Glasgow.

At the time, CEBDS released a letter called “Empresários Pelo Clima”, signed by more than 100 companies, demanding that the Bolsonaro government play a leading role in the environmental area.

Joana Cunha with Andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

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