Brazil Aid will be paid this Wednesday (17th); know how to download the app


Payments for Auxílio Brasil, the federal government’s new social program, will begin this Wednesday (17) and will follow the usual Bolsa Família schedule. Withdrawals can be made with the Bolsa Família card, until a new card is issued, at Caixa branches and lotteries. Money can also be handled through Caixa Tem.

This Tuesday (16), Caixa informed that the Auxílio Brasil application can now be downloaded on your cell phone. It will be possible to check if you will receive the benefit, the payment date and the amount. For Android devices, search for Auxílio Brasil CAIXA

  1. Click “Install”
  2. Then, in “Open”
  3. Click on “Login”
  4. Choose whether to enter the Caixa Tem or FGTS password or register one for Auxílio Brasil

According to Caixa, it will also be possible to obtain the information through the Caixa Tem application.

Anyone who already receives Bolsa Família will automatically have the new benefit. In addition to the basic income, each family may receive complementary benefits, which vary between R$100 and R$200. The Auxílio Brasil will pay up to six complementary benefits.

According to Caixa, the cards and passwords used to withdraw from the Bolsa Família will remain valid and may be used to receive the Auxílio Brasil. Families who receive Bolsa Família through the Caixa Tem application, in a digital savings account, will receive Auxílio Brasil in the same form of payment and will be able to continue to use the application for their benefit.

To be a candidate for the federal government’s new social program, the family must be registered in the CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) and have updated information in the system. Registration is not done over the internet. It is necessary to go to the sector responsible for the Single Registry of the municipality to enroll. Normally, registration is done at city halls, at Cras (Social Assistance Reference Center), or at a service post of the Cadastro Único and the Bolsa Família program.

On a monthly basis, Dataprev will reassess whether the family remains entitled to Brazil Aid. According to Pedro Guimarães, president of Caixa, 14.5 families will benefit in November.

Stay tuned! To receive the benefits of Auxílio Brasil, the family is required to:

  • Prove the minimum monthly school attendance of 60% for children aged four and five years old, and 75% for beneficiaries aged six to 21 years old
  • Keep the national vaccination calendar established by the Ministry of Health up to date
  • Monitor the nutritional status of children up to 7 years of age who are incomplete, do prenatal care, in the case of pregnant women.

BASIC BENEFITS – Can receive up to five members per family

Early Childhood Benefit: for families with children aged zero to 36 months incomplete
Value: BRL 130 per member

Benefit Family Composition: for young people aged 18 to 21 incomplete, with the aim of encouraging this group to remain in their studies to complete at least one level of formal schooling.
Value: BRL 65 per member


Benefit from Overcoming Extreme Poverty: for families that did not surpass the extreme poverty line value (R$ 100) after receiving one or both of the previous benefits. There are no limitations related to the number of members
Value: will be calculated per member and paid within the limit of one benefit per beneficiary family

COMPLEMENTARY BENEFITS – Will be paid with basic benefits

School Sport Aid: for students aged between 12 and 17 years old who are members of Auxílio Brasil beneficiary families and who stand out in official competitions of the Brazilian school games system
Value: 12 monthly installments of BRL 100 + BRL 1,000 in a single installment, per family

Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship: for students with good performance in academic and scientific competitions and who are beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil. There is no maximum number of beneficiaries per family
Value: 12 monthly installments of BRL 100 + BRL 1,000 in a single installment, per family

Child Citizen Assistance: for the person responsible for a family with children up to 48 months of age who cannot get a job but cannot find a place in public or private day care centers in the partner network. The limit per family unit will still be regulated
R$ 200, for families with children enrolled in part-time
BRL 300 for families with children enrolled full-time

Rural Productive Inclusion Aid: paid to family farmers registered in the Cadastro Único. This benefit is limited to one per person and per family.
Value: BRL 200 per month, for up to 36 months

Urban Productive Inclusion Aid: for those who are on the Auxílio Brasil payroll and prove their employment relationship. Limited to one per person and per family.
Value: BRL 200 per month, from the month following proof of formal employment relationship


  • Families in extreme poverty (monthly income of up to R$100 per person)
  • Families in poverty (monthly income up to R$200 per person, according to current government standards) with pregnant women or people aged up to 21


  • To enroll in the Cadastro Único, a person in the family must be responsible for providing the information of all members of the household to the interviewer
  • This person, called the Head of the Family Unit (RF), must be at least 16 years old, have a CPF or voter registration card, and preferably be a woman
  • Registration is normally done at city halls, at Cras (Social Assistance Reference Center), or at a service point of the Cadastro Único and the Bolsa Família Program

Present at least one document for each person in the family, from the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Wedding certificate
  • CPF
  • RG
  • work card
  • voter registration card
  • Administrative Registry of Indigenous Birth (Rani), if the person is indigenous

How will be the payment

  • Payment of the new aid begins this Wednesday, November 17, 2021, and, if approved by Congress, will run through December 2022
  • Families that receive Bolsa Família will have an increase of 17.84% in the average amount, which is now R$ 217.18 per month
  • The amount will be paid in the same way that Bolsa Família is currently released


NIS end November December
1 17/nov 10/10
2 18/nov 13/Dec
3 19/nov 14/dec
4 22/nov 15/dec
5 23/nov 16/dec
6 24/nov 17/dec
7 25/nov 10/20
8 26/nov 21/Dec
9 29/nov 22/dec
0 30/nov 23/dec

Source: Ministry of Citizenship, Caixa Econômica Federal, Decree No. 10.852, of November 8, 2021, and report


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